Geropsychiatric Education Program

Geropsychiatric Education Program

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Clinical Practice Guidelines:

  1. Identification of Behaviours and Guidelines for Intervention
  2. Least Restraint: Maximizing Freedom in Residential Care
  3. Continence: Promotion and Maintenance
  4. Heat Stress: Planning for and Preventing in Residential Care
  5. Hydration: Promoting Fluid Intake and Preventing Dehydration
  6. Bowel Function: Promotion and Maintenance
  7. Continence: Promotion and Maintenance
  8. Delirium/Acute Confusion: Assessment and Care for Older Adults
  9. Stroke and TIA Detection: Initial and Ongoing Management: Residential

(Above documents are located on VCH’s Sharepoint website. Contact Vancouver Residential Practice Team, Paldeep Jawanda at for more information.)

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