Geropsychiatric Education Program

Geropsychiatric Education Program

Frequent Questions

General FAQ's

Q: How did GPEP begin?
A: GPEP began in 1995 in response to the downsizing of Riverview Hospital, the province's largest psychiatric institution. As many elderly patients were relocated back into the community or into residential care facilities, funds were also transferred into the community to provide psychogeriatric health care, education and support. GPEP was developed as a means of meeting the psychogeriatric educational needs of community health care providers.

Q: Who can attend the programs and services of GPEP?
A: The Geropsychiatric Education Program (GPEP) provides education for Vancouver residential care providers who are employees or affiliates of Vancouver Coastal Health. This includes staff of residential care facilities and community and mental health professionals.

Q: What are the costs of GPEP programs?
A: The majority of programs are free of charge for community care staff and families in the Vancouver Coastal Heatlh Authority, except for major 1 - 2 day education events, when a small fee may be charged to cover the cost of materials or catering costs.

Q: How can GPEP help family caregivers?
A: Through the care review process, GPEP strives to move towards implementation of person-centred care. This change in philosophy and practice will in turn benefit residents, families, and care staff. GPEP can also refer family caregivers to other community services.

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